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Shamanism combines a range of traditional beliefs and practices focusing on communication with the spirit world. A shaman / shamanic practitioner is someone who is regarded as having access to, and influence in the spirit world, who typically enters into a meditative state during a ritual, and practices divination and healing.

What is REIKI?

Reiki is an energy healing technique based on the principle that the therapist can channel Universal Life Force Energy into the patient by means of hands-on touch and intention, to activate the natural healing processes of the patient’s body and restore physical and emotional well-being. Reiki is not a religion and is compatible with any belief system a person may have.

The great value of Reiki is that because it is guided by a Higher Intelligence, Reiki knows exactly where to go and how to respond to restrictions in the flow of Energy / Ki / Prana. It can work directly in the unconscious parts of the mind/body which contain negative energy-inhibiting thoughts/feelings and eliminates them.

As Reiki flows through a sick or unhealthy area, it breaks up and washes away any negative thoughts or feelings lodged in the unconscious mind / body thus allowing a normal healthy flow of energy to resume. As this happens, the unhealthy physical organs and tissues become properly nourished with energy and begin functioning in a balanced healthy way thus replacing illness with health.

This non-invasive, completely benign healing technique is becoming more and more popular. As western medicine continues to explore alternative methods of healing, Reiki is destined to play an important role as an accepted and valued healing practice.


Reiki and Shamanic Practices work beautifully together creating a synergy of healing energies.  

A shamanic healing starts with an interview to find out what the symptoms are, how long the person has been having them, as well as severity and type of pain and other pertinent information; such as whether the person has been seen by a medical doctor and what types of medication the person is taking.

In a meditative state, he/she will ask our spiritual allies (helping spirits in spirit world) and the patient’s allies to help he/she see what is needed in the healing.  Depending on the information he/she receives, and may take various approaches to the healing, using reiki and the proper shamanic tools for the job.  Since most problems come from blocked or hindered energy flow, the most common approach is to restore circulation and movement of energy in the body.  

Additional Shamanic Services Available

Entity Extractions, Shamanic Journeys, Soul Retrievals, Ancestral Healings, Property Clearing & Blessings, Soul Crossovers, etc.


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Holo Tree Reiki

While the effectiveness of #Reiki does not depend on the practitioner's knowledge of chakras and anatomy, it can be interesting and helpful for ensuring we address the major energetic and biological structures of the body.
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6 days ago

Holo Tree Reiki

👋 Would anyone here like to receive general Reiki energy in a group, including your family (with their permission) and pets?

Just leave me a comment saying, "I (WE) ACCEPT REIKI"
Please include all individual names.

I will be sending it every other day at 12 midnight PDT till 11/4/2020, beginning 10/21/2020. 🥰🌟🌞
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Holo Tree Reiki

Free to join! Look for Liana Xochitl Soria on FB at 11:11am PDT 😍🙏🌟 ... See MoreSee Less

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Holo Tree Reiki

Begins Sunday, September 20, 2020 ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨

Shamanic Practitioner Certification Course
Certified by The Healing Mind Center
(soon to be a 501(c)3 non-profit organization)

'Starwalker Shamanism' for the New Cosmic Earth Human
by Shaman Liana Xochitl Soria

10 Month Course: Monthly Zoom Class
Sundays from 11am-7pm (2-4pm break)
Prices: $108/class, $1080/full course

A certified shamanic practitioner will be qualified to conduct: shamanic healings for themselves and others, shamanic extractions, Earth healing, space blessings, energetic and spiritual decontamination, shamanic divination, power animal retrieval, soul retrieval, spirit guide communication, psychopomp work, earth spirit communication, dream interpretation, soul coaching, star being communication, astral projection, past life retrieval, and ancestral healing.

September 20, 2020-Classic Shamanic Journey & Your Infusion of Power
October 25, 2020-Practical Shamanism: Intro to Shamanic Healing
November 22, 2020-Etheric Body, Akash, and Song of Your Soul
December 20, 2020-Shamanic Healing 2, Shamanic Extraction, Real Life Exorcism
January 24, 2021-Beyond Death: Journey Work for the Soul
February 21, 2021-Nature Spirits, Star Beings, and Power of Divination
March 21, 2021-Creative Shaman: Journey Work for Dream Interpretation and Information Gathering
April 25, 2021-Beyond Space & Time: Timeline Journeys & Ancestral Healing
May 23, 2021-Shamanic Soul Retrieval: Putting the Parts Together
June 27, 2021-Modern Shamanism and Cutting Edge of Consciousness

Level One - Shamanic Practitioner
Level Two - Shamanic Healer (trainings offered 2021 and onwards)

Facilitated by: Liana Xochitl Soria
She is an intuitive healer, life guide, meditation teacher, and shaman.
She offers: Private Healings, Past Life Regressions, Private Coaching Sessions

Email: TheHealingMindCenter@gmail.com
Telephone: (951)526-5338

Eventbrite Tickets: www.eventbrite.com/e/shamanic-practitioner-certific

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2 months ago

Holo Tree Reiki

Ooo check out Liana Xochitl Soria this friday 9/11/2020 at 1:11pm!!! <3 ... See MoreSee Less

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