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  • Apophyllite – colorless, pyramid; hydrated potassium calcium silicate mineral with a tetragonal crystal system and a hardness of 5
  • Citrine- light yellow; silicon dioxide mineral, member of the Quartz group with a hardness of 7
  • Tigers Eye- bands of yellow-brown to golden color; silicon dioxide mineral, member of the Quartz group with a hardness of a 7
  • Peridot– little green nuggets; magnesium iron silicate mineral with a hardness of 7




  • Infuse Your Being With Light & Aid Angelic Contact
  • high vibrational crystal
  • spiritually energizes one’s entire being
  • stimulate your pineal gland 
  • helps open one up to spiritual awakening, by infusing your light-body with high vibration energy
  • uplifts environment
  • brings hope for the future
  • helps one to release negative thought patterns that may be holding one back
  • aids one to feel calmer, more relaxed, and happier within one’s self
  • powerfully aids to assist in receiving guidance from spirit, your guides, and the angels, especially if placed  on your third eye while meditating
  • clears any blockages in the crown chakra
  • allows the flow of light from spirit to move throughout one’s being to infuse with spiritual light and love
  • As one’s inner being starts to fully resonate with this highly spiritual vibration, allow one to gently move upwards on the path to the higher realms.
  • As you travel upwards via the eighth chakra, also known as the soul star chakra, one may make contact with beings in the higher realms
  • pyramids can be used for crystal gazing or scrying, and they are quite easy to use
  • expanding one’s intuitive abilities, remote viewing, and boosting one’s telepathic abilities
  • aids astral travel, as it gives a stable connection back to your body to aid one’s return
  • aids access to the Akashic records, the repository of all the information about what has ever been
  • aids one to have total conscious awareness of what happens to one with spirit; and on your return aids one to remember messages from the Divine mind
  • using these crystals is one of the methods to relieve stress, also help one to let go of fear and stifled emotions
  • these are lovely stones to grid your home with, and this is particularly helpful if one have been suffering from depression, anxiety or stress


  • are most well known are its value for aiding manifestation of prosperity, particularly if combined with the power of affirmations
  • has the ability to activate the solar plexus, the seat of the will, it will help one to be decisive about what one will bring into one’s life
  • aids spiritual growth, and will help one to know when it is necessary to pull away from a situation and be able to say “no” when required
  • as it is a quartz, it has a strong amplification ability
  • strong ability to soothe fear and anxiety; by allowing one to let go of one’s fear
  • aids one to be able to accept into one’s life ‘the good’ that is coming your way
  • may bring mental clarity and may precipitate an increase in spiritual vision
  • encourages joy, happiness, and hope to flow freely
  • if worn on the solar plexus chakra area, it will be more effective to aid creativity
  • stimulates the solar plexus and sacral chakras, which aids one’s creativity and  imagination 
  • will open up the third eye chakra and aid one to think more clearly
  • this opening may be powerful as Citrine Crystals have the effect of deepening one’s level of mental clarity and accelerating spiritual vision
  • may also elevate one’s intuition, or assist one to develop one’s intuition

-Tigers Eye-

  • Is a solar stone of vitality, practicality and physical action
  • Stimulates the root chakra and the solar plexus, assisting one in taking effective actions in response to the needs and challenges of physical life and remaining grounded, calm and centered, regardless of the outer or inner situation
  • Is a stone of mental clarity
  • Opens the mind to embracing paradox, enabling one to simultaneously hohld contradictory ideas in a nonjudgmental acceptance that does not try to ‘solve’ the conflict by favoring one
  • Energizes the body to accomplish the imperatives of the will.  When one needs to persevere through extended time, hard effort and entangling difficulties, wearing or carrying Tiger Eye can lend one the strength to overcome fatigue or discouragement
  • Activates and aligns the lower chakras so one’s actions draw upon the full spectrum of primal strength, creativity and enlightened intention
  • Allows one to find the harmonious center between all types of polarities.  It helps one to see both sides in disagreements
  • Is an excellent stone for professional mediators.  Those going through difficult negotiations such as those in divorce or custody matters are encouraged to bring along a Tiger Eye
  • Grounds the energy of the Solar Ray into the Earth.  It carries the frequency of creation – of sunlight upon soil
  • Helps one live as a balanced and integrated spirit in a physical vehicle, expressing Spirit through each action taken in the world
  • Teaches balance between polarities and the underlying unity behind apparent opposites.
  • Helps those who tend to go to extremes find equilibrium in their emotional lives
  • Is a blood fortifier, supporting general vitality.  It is strengthening to the endocrine system and assists in bringing one’s hormones and biochemistry into balance


  • symbolizes Strength
  • harnesses the power of the Sun towards joy, optimism, strength, and an overall better quality of life
  • used to promote wealth, vitality, optimism, and generosity of spirit
  • removes blockages, aligns, and strengthens the heart chakra
  • also associated with the solar plexus chakra
  • releases and neutralizes toxins on all levels
  • alleviates jealousy, resentment, spite, bitterness, irritation, hatred and greed
  • reduces stress, anger and guilt
  • enhances confidence and assertion, motivating growth and change
  • sharpens and opens the mind to new levels of awareness
  • banishes lethargy, apathy and exhaustion
  • enables you to take responsibility for your own life.
  • strengthens the immune system, metabolism and benefits the skin
  • aids disorders of the heart, thymus, lungs, gallbladder, spleen and intestinal tract
  • treats ulcer and strengthens eyes
  • balances bipolar disorders and overcomes hypochondria


Quantum Crystal Talismans are unique, handcrafted crystal pendants with harmonious combinations of crystals that amplify beneficial healing frequencies up to 3 feet.

As passive energy tools, these talismans will aid in your wellbeing by balancing, energizing, and fortifying your energy field. They may also assist in the removal of energy blockages, boosting energetic flow.

These energy pendants are similar to “Orgonite” Energy Devices with Metals + Crystals set in Resin, but are more technologically advanced.

Each Quantum Crystal Talisman is programmed with REIKI (an Energy Healing Modality) and our Biofield Boost System.



Our Biofield Boost System is a collection of frequencies that are programmed into the talismans by a frequency generator.  Here are some of the beneficial frequencies used in this system.

  • Joy
  • Happiness
  • Creativity
  • Compassion
  • Ingenuity
  • Free Thinking
  • Independence
  • Air/Space – Fire – Water – Earth
  • Balance of Acid/Alkaline
  • Physical – Etheric – Emotional – Mental – Overall Vitality
  • Chakras Alignment
  • Heart Meridian
  • Release Negative Blocks
  • Balance Positive & Negative Polarity
  • Anti-Aura Disturbance
  • Anti-Prana Obstruction
  • Anti-Negative Influences & Energies
  • Anti-Guilt & Negativity
  • Anti-Dark Psychic Forces
  • Anti-Criticalness & Negative Emotions
  • Anti-Ego Block
  • Forgiveness
  • Schumann Resonances
  • (and many more)


“A talisman is an object, often a crystal or gemstone, that has a specific ability to aid a person in focusing and amplifying his or her power. A talisman is not a lucky rock. The power of a talisman is its ability to aid you in achieving the future you desire. A talisman is both a focus and a natural amplifier. – www.crystalvaults.com/talismans


Handle with care. Crystals are fragile.  Do not get wet due to adhesive.  Crystals maybe cleaned with clean wet towel.  Occasional cleansing of the crystals is recommended by smudging with sacred plants (ex. white sage, palo santo, mugwort, etc.) and/or other energy clearing modalities.


  • Crystals
  • Metals
  • Resin
  • Holograms
  • Leather
  • Metal Jump Rings


  • Length:  1.75 inches = 44.45 centimeters
  • Width:    1.75 inches = 44.45 centimeters
  • Height:   1 inch = 2.54 centimeters
  • Weight:  1.0229 ounces = 29 grams


Choose your favorite crystals AND intention for your talisman

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