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FREE Reiki Box Request 

Reiki Box is a sacred container used to contain individual requests for any type of healing and to manifest desires.  Every day the Reiki Box is given Reiki Energy.    Reiki Energy aids in manifesting desired goals with Universal Life Energy.

Please allow each request to manifest in “Divine Timing”; meaning allowing the Universe to work in its own mysterious ways.  Just believe things are happening in the background for the Highest Good of All involved.


  1. Complete ‘Reiki Request’ Purchase on this website (no money exchange)
  2. Send email to:
  3. Please include Invoice Number, Name, Email Address, Date
  4. Please indicate:
    1.  Deepest Desire(s)
    2.  Healing(s) of Any Type
  5. Reiki Request lasts 90 days

It is recommended to be in gratitude, to aid the requested manifestation.  

Please send testimonials to:  

Disclaimer:  The Holo Tree will only give Reiki Energy every day to the Reiki Box.  The Holo Tree does not control when requests will manifest and we make no guarantees.  Every long-term request will need to be renewed every 3 months.  After 3 months, the Reiki Request is returned to Mother Earth with loving gratitude.

Must be 18 yrs old and over to participate.













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