Harmoniks Inc.

Harmoniks Inc. is a C Corp registered in Las Vegas Nevada. Our company specializing in development of products that utilize electromagnetic field that can be augmented composite materials and frequency modulation. www.harmoniksinc.com

No NOx Box®

Simply secure the No NOx Box device within 1 meter of the fuel or engine, and the No NOx box subtly agitates the gas to help burn cleaner and more efficient. The average reported reduction in Nitrous Oxides is 50% with a fuel savings of 7%. www.nonoxbox.com

The Holo Tree

Online metaphysical store. The Holo Tree specializes in offering high quality innovative products in the fields of energy therapy, biomagnetic enhancing materials, low-level light therapy, sound therapy, and more. www.theholotree.com

Intuit Tools

Intuitive development software designed to enhance intuition of users for entertainment and professional applications such as Remote Viewing, Astral Projection, and Lucid Dreaming. www.intuittools.com