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Below are unique hand-crafted items that have been purchased in the past and now are on display in our gallery!

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PAKU QI Jewelry offer ‘PERSONALIZED TALISMANS’. If you would like to have a talisman that was made specifically for you (including a specific intention), send us an email and let’s get creative!

We will collaborate on:
– type of crystals and/or semi-precious gemstones
– arrangement of crystals
– color of leather strip (pick only one color: black, brown, white)

Personalized Talismans are programmed with:
– Biofield Boost System TM
– One Intention of Your Choosing

PAKU QI Personalized Jewelry can be collaborated with the client to create specific design of jewelry piece and what intention it will be programmed with. Each Personalized Jewelry may take up to 30 days until final product is ready for shipment.  Client will be briefed to all ordering and shipment schedules after initial consultation..  

Prices may vary, depending on types of valuable crystals and/or semi-precious gemstones and extras, including charms, .

Any inquiries, please feel free to contact us anytime.

Contact Us at:

QUANTUM CRYSTAL TALISMANS are orgonite-like and made with a combination of harmonious nano particles of crystals and metals encased in resin.

The combinations of crystals are: 
-Clear Quartz 
-Smoky Quartz 
-Rose Quartz 
-Black Tourmaline 
-Biotite (aka Black Mica)

The combinations of metals are:

PACKAGING includes: 
(1) hand-carved 4X6 wooden box
(1) small selenite stick
(1) 5X8 bag
(1) PAKU QI Information Sheet

   -Handle with care
   -Crystals are fragile
   -Do not get wet due to adhesive 
   -Crystals maybe cleaned with clean dry/wet rag
   -Occasional cleansing of the crystals is recommended different ways.
        For example:
            Smudging (sage, cedar, sweetgrass, lavender, copal, myrrh, frankincense)
            Crystals (selenite, citrine)
            Energy clearing techniques (visualization, intention, Reiki, etc.)


  • Crystals
  • Metals
  • Resin
  • Hologram
  • Leather
  • Metal Jump Rings
  • Glitter