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Paku Qi Talismans

Paku Qi Talismans helps with boosting, balancing and optimizing, stabilizing and fortifying one’s biofield.  They radiate uplifting and healing scalar frequencies that works with the aura (bio-electromagnetic energy): which are subtle energy fields that permeate the living body.  PQ enhances energetic flow throughout meridians, giving the wearer more vitality, and may assist in clearing one’s energy blockages.

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OC Shamanic Reiki

OC Shamanic Reiki was started in Orange County, California
by Vanessa Grace Herrera and Shaman Jerry Avalos

No NOx Box® Pollution Reduction Device

The No NOx Box®  subtly tunes the electromagnetic energy emitted from the engine to help burn fuel cleaner and run more efficient.The average reported reduction in NOx (Nitrous Oxides) is 50% with a fuel savings of 7% when using the No NOx Box®!