Paku Qi means Nature’s Life Force. Paku means “NATURE” in New Zealand. Qi means “Life Force”, “Energy”, “Chi”, “Prana”, etc. in Chinese.

With harmonious combinations of crystals and magnetic properties, Paku Qi Jewelry create “orgonite” products into pendants, necklaces, and bracelets.

Paku Qi Jewelry are great meditation tools and can be used every day.

Paku Qi radiate beneficial scalar frequencies that supports your bio electromagnetic fields.

They aid in your well-being by balancing, energizing, & fortifying your subtle energy fields that permeate the living body; assisting in the clearing of energy blockages, enhancing energetic flow throughout meridians.

Each Paku Qi Jewelry piece is created with the intentions based upon:
– Crystal Healing
– Color Therapy
Reiki is Universal Life Force Energy
(an intention-based energy healing modality)
– Our Biofield Boost System

Harmoniks Inc. presents our Biofield Boost System. It is a collection of frequencies that are programmed into the orgonite material and crystals by a frequency generator (aka radionics machine).

Here are some of the beneficial frequencies used in this system:
-Schumann Resonances
-Unconditional Love
-Chakras Alignment
-Heart Meridian
-Overall Vitality
-Balance Polarities
-Free Thinking
(and many more)

Paku Qi creates Quantum Crystal Talismans, which are “Orgonite” Pendants that uses piezoelectricity to passively power our energy devices.

Quantum Crystal Talismans are orgonite pendants that are made with a variety of harmonious nano-particles of crystals and metals encased in resin.

Combinations of crystals are:
-Clear Quartz
-Smoky Quartz
-Rose Quartz
-Black Tourmaline
-Biotite (aka Black Mica)

Combinations of metals are:

PACKAGING includes:
1) 5X8 bag
2) small selenite stick
3) hand-carved 4X6 wooden box
4) Paku Qi Information Sheet

-Handle with care
-Crystals are fragile
-Do not get wet due to adhesive
-Crystals maybe cleaned with clean dry/wet rag
-Occasional cleansing of the crystals is recommended different ways.
For example:
-Smudging (white sage, cedar, sweetgrass, lavender, copal, myrrh, frankincense)
-Crystals (selenite, citrine, carnelian, blue kyanite, etc.)
-Energy clearing techniques (visualization, intention, Reiki, etc.)

-Metal Jump Rings

Paku Qi Jewelry created by Vanessa Grace Herrera and Jerry Avalos of Harmoniks Inc.

Wishing you Blessings with a lot of Gratitude, Unconditional Love, & Joy!

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