Distance Shamanic Reiki Session


In-person or Distance Private Shamanic Reiki Session

1hr Reiki Session + 1hr Shamanic Session + 30 mins Consultation

Vanessa Grace Herrera-Avalos

Reiki Master Teacher and Shamanic Practitioner

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Product Description

Distance Shamanic Reiki Session includes:

  • fills you up with Universal Life Force Energy (aka Reiki light, unconditional love from God/Universal Source)
  • brings balance and harmony of energy flow within your body, mind, emotions, and spirit
  • relaxation, de-stressing, and overall wellness is usually expected after every session
  • removing negative energetic debris that is blocking the energy flow, reduces illness/disease, and decreases recovery time
  • deep energetic cleansing: goes deeper than everyday clearing
  • releasing negative entity attachments, foreign intrusions, personal hauntings (not physically attached to the body but stays in the environment), toxins, parasites, etc.
  • cutting negative psychic cords
  • depending what naturally comes forth during a Shamanic Reiki session, other techniques may include (at no additional charge): specific trauma healing, psychic surgery, soul retrieval, inner child healing, past lives healing, healing attunement, etc.
  • receiving spiritual blessings (and possible miracles) from both our Higher Selves and Healing Teams
  • 30 mins discussion about your experience after your Reiki session
  • 24-48 hours after your session, you will receive an email and/or 30 mins phone/audio consultation regarding my impressions about your session; giving you the time to reflect and focus on your own experiences first

A Shamanic Reiki Session starts with an interview to find out what are the client’s intentions for his/her session, are there any specific illness/disease or traumas/issues that (s)he wants to heal, how long the person has been having them, as well as severity and type of pain and other pertinent information; such as whether the person has been seen by a medical doctor and what types of medication the person is taking.

Disclaimer: Please continue to consult your physician, for any medical advise.

In the 1st hour, Vanessa will begin sharing Reiki Light with the client, and receive guidance from her Spiritual Healing Team about what is needed in the Shamanic Reiki Session.

Depending on the information she receives, in the 2nd hour, Vanessa will continue to deeply cleanse, balance, and create the harmony of energetic flow in the client’s biofield within and around him/her, using the proper Shamanic Reiki Techniques for an effective and efficient treatment.

Since most problems come from stagnant and blocked energies, the most common approach is to restore circulation and movement of energy in the body.

** deep cleansings can bring up old past traumas, negative habitual behaviors, old belief system, etc. that may have stayed stuck in the body for a long time, and might require a few sessions to completely clear it from the body.

** any uncomfortable feeling (ex. tiredness, minor aches/soreness, etc.) after a Reiki session is usually because a lot of stagnant energies are finally releasing. Before this Reiki session, your body was use to all the negative energies blocking energetic flow. Now that they have been cleared away, your body has finally been able to relax properly and it needs time to get use to feeling lighter, cleansed, and flowing energies.

Available Distance Reiki Session Hours: 4pm – 10pm Pacific Time, Daily (Saturday-Sunday Only). Distance Reiki Session are held via zoom, cellphone call or texting.

Please email or text for specific available dates/times that you are interested in scheduling.

Price: $300

For emergencies we accept a Payment Plan of: $200 – before treatment, $100 – 2 weeks after treatment.

Please email me so we can work something out together.

Vanessa Grace Herrera-Avalos, Owner of Holo Tree Reiki

Usui & Tibetan Reiki Master Teacher and Shamanic Practitioner

website: www.TheHoloTree.com

email: vg.ha@theholotree.com

text/voicemail: (714) 510-6826


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