Shamanic Mediumship Reading


Shamanic Consultation

1 hour Private Session via Zoom

with Shaman Jerry Avalos

Product Description

Shamanic Mediumship Reading

1 hour Private Session via Zoom

with Jerry Avalos

Jerry can read you and your situation and answer any questions you have towards healing.

He is a natural born lucid dreamer and psychic medium, which enables him to travel easily in the astral realm and/or talk to your passed loved ones, ancestors, pets, or other multidimensional beings (of all kinds) to give you specific messages and what course of action would be best for you.

Jerry can also interpret your dreams and help you understand what they mean, giving you more clarity in your situation and what to do next.


After confirmation of payment, please email us (REIKI your available schedule for your Shamanic Mediumship Reading, and we will get in contact with you shortly.

Any inquiries, please email us at: REIKI



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