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Usui & Tibetan REIKI

Levels 1-4 Certification

Usui & Tibetan Reiki  (Traditional & Western styles)

Teaches how to be the channel of Universal Life Force Energy and to understand your true inner power with your Spiritual Guidance.

    • Do you want to heal yourself – physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually?
    • Are you an Empath and need to clear your energy / biofield / aura?
    • Are you a Healer and know you are meant to energetically help others?
    • Does being a Light Worker / Starseed interest you for some reason?

These online classes will focus mainly on understanding how Reiki is used in both Traditionally and Western-Style, as a spiritual tool for healing and self-discovery.

Students will also receive 6-Weekly Online Classes, Two mini Distance Reiki sessions, and practice Reiki Meditations to help build their connection with the Reiki light energy.

Once you take a Holo Tree Reiki Class, you will be allowed to join future Group Reiki Online Classes (same level taken), as a refresher class.  Also you will always be able to contact Vanessa for any Reiki questions.

Vanessa Grace Herrera is the Usui & Tibetan Reiki Master Teacher for Holo Tree Reiki.

Reiki Level 1

First Degree or Level 1 Reiki works on a physical level. Students often find that their Self-Reiki Healing Process sparks up some physical symptoms which require healing. They often find that Reiki helps them cope with any physical ailments they have.

Reiki Level 2

Second Degree or Level 2 Reiki works on emotional and mental levels. At this stage students often report an emotional healing period. Over time they may also find that any walls of self-protection they have built come down, and they feel more emotionally balanced.

Reiki Level 3

Third Degree – Advanced Reiki Training or Level 3 Reiki works on a soul level. It helps by opening your soul to a pure connection with Divine Source. Reiki is not only about healing but it opens up a deep connection inside the student; a stronger connection to Source that brings with it higher understanding, clearer intuition, and a complete opening of your psychic senses.

Advanced Reiki Training should not be taken lightly. This is for those who have received their Level 2 Training and have a desire to do one or more of the following:
– incorporate Reiki into a professional career
– feel that they will use Reiki on themselves and others regularly
– go on to become Master / Teacher or Level 4 to teach others

At this level the student will receive the Usui Master Symbol and an attunement to this energy. You will also be given additional tools that you can use while following your Reiki guides in your Reiki sessions. Although you will receive the Usui Master attunement at ART/Level 3, the Master Teacher course is where you will learn how to pass attunements to others and can use this ability to teach Reiki.

Reiki Level 4

Master / Teacher Degree or Level 4 Reiki is reaching the highest level of formal training within the Usui and Tibetan systems. You are making a commitment to yourself and to Spirit to integrate the Reiki energy deeply into your life. You are also making a commitment to spread the knowledge and energy of Reiki to others.

The Tibetan Master Reiki symbol will be used during all levels of Usui & Tibetan attunements. Students will be passed the Tibetan Reiki symbols only during Master Teacher Attunements or Level 4 Reiki.

Becoming a Reiki Master / Teacher enables you to pass attunements and to teach Reiki. Not all of you who become Masters will be interested in teaching. For some of you, your interest may be your own self-development, a desire to study, to integrate this energy within yourself, and to develop your spirituality. Some may have a desire to become a stronger Reiki channel and to develop their ability to give Reiki at the highest degree. However, even if you do not choose to teach Reiki, through your use of this healing modality, you will still be contributing to the spread of the Universal Life Force Energy.

Students will be passed the Tibetan Reiki symbols during this Master / Teacher Attunement. Students will also be passed additional Psychic Attunements: Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, and Clairsentient Attunements.

$350 for each Group Reiki Class (Levels 1-4). 6-week online group classes with guided meditations, 2 distance Reiki sessions, Reiki attunement, email support, etc. Prices include pdf file of Reiki Manual, not included recommended Reiki Book ($20). 

$660 for each Private Reiki Class (Levels 1-4). 6-week online private 1-on-1 classes with guided meditations, 2 distance Reiki sessions, Reiki attunement, email support, etc. Prices include Reiki Manual & Reiki Book via USPS Mail.

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2021 Group Online Reiki Class Dates:

Reiki 1: February 25 – April 1st

Reiki 2: April 8 – May 13

Reiki 3: August 5 – September 9

Every Thursday from 7-9pm Pacific Time

Pre-requisite for Reiki 2, student is attuned & understands Reiki 1.
Pre-requisite for Reiki 3, student is attuned & understands Reiki 2.
Pre-requisite for Reiki 4, student is attuned & understands Reiki 3.

Reiki Instructor:
Vanessa Grace Herrera
Usui & Tibetan Reiki Master Teacher
Shamanic Practitioner
fb: Vanessa Grace Herrera, Holo Tree Reiki Group

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