What Happens At An OC Shamanic Reiki Circle?

What happens at an OC Shamanic Reiki Circle?

Our Shamanic Reiki Circles are a fun way to experience reiki, shamanic cleansing, intuitive reading, and more in one casual event. The intention of each circle is to create a supportive space where positive transformation can take place using energy healing, quantum biology, and ancient techniques to aid each participant on their personal journey.

OC Shamanic Reiki Circle Setup at HeartSpaceOC in Irvine California

Each circle consists of introductions, guided meditation, Reiki session, shamanic cleansing, and intuitive consultation. The hosts of the Circles, Jerry & Vanessa, like to set a comfortable environment for participants to arrive. Often music, sage, and crystal grids are used to set a relaxing tone. 

An example of a crystal grid at a Shamanic Reiki Circle

The Circle begins with quick introductions. Everyone participating has a chance to introduce themselves to the group. This builds a synergistic rapport among those in attendance and helps the hosts know how to better assist each participant. 

Next comes a guided meditation. The meditations at each circle are also meant to teach useful techniques. Light drumming is used while the hosts guide the group on a relaxing inner journey. Each circle there is a new focus for the meditation. Such as connecting with spirit guides, ancestral healing, soul retrieval, psychic self-defense and more.

Light drumming by the host helps guide the meditation
Vanessa applying Reiki during a session

After the meditation, the hosts begin the shamanic cleansing and Reiki sessions. Each participant receives Reiki starting from one side of the circle, while the Shamanic cleansings begin on the other. The hosts progress one by one giving everyone individualized attention, while music plays to maintain a relaxing environment. Reiki involves light touch by the practitioner while applying energy in areas such as the top of the head, shoulders, back, knees, and feet. Shamanic cleansing tends to consist of energy work off of the body. Which means the Shaman may use their hands around a person along with a rattle. Sometimes the Shaman may use smudging feathers to lightly brush the participant as part of the limpia cleansing process.

Smudging fans made with feathers

Intuitive insights the hosts have received during the sessions are then shared. Every experience is unique and so is the intuitive information that may be received. The Shaman takes note of the psychic information which are given to each individual. Each reading is different and the subjects can be on themes like soul paths, past lives, mediumship, messages from guides, tips to release traumas, and more. The hosts consult with each participant about their psychic reading and any other aspect of their experience there may be questions on before concluding the event. 

After signing in the circle begins with quick introductions
Smudging Feather & Notepad used for the cleansing & readings

Each circle is a fun journey of self discovery. No matter your level of metaphysical experience, OC Shamanic Reiki Circles are here to help you. The circles are regularly attended by those looking for their first experience with Reiki and/or shamanic practices as well as veteran energy healers looking to treat themselves.

The therapeutic nature of the events make them a comfortable way to experience energy healing and psychic information in one place.  It can almost be considered an evening at a spiritual spa with the care given by the hosts and spirit guides.

If you are in the Southern California area and would like to attend a circle, be sure to check our Events Page for upcoming dates and locations. 

Grid & Circle at the Learning Light Foundation in Anaheim

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