You Are Already Operating in 5D

Before we start…For the context of this article, we’re talking about “dimensions” in terms of potential measurements of consciousness. We’re also recognizing that “dimensions” past Length, Width, and Depth (3D) are essentially theoretical even in modern physics.

A cube in the 4th Dimension

Most humans are already very consciously “5D” thinking beings. In modern physics the “fourth dimension(4D)” is unofficially considered to be the perception of duration; aka time. This is where the term “spacetime” comes into play in mathematics and engineering that visualizes the three dimensions integrated with the single dimension of time. The 5th dimension would represent the perception of all other potentials within the current 4th dimension(time) as one form.

So what does that mean? That means when you imagine what you are going to do tomorrow, or where you want to be in 10 years, you’re thinking in 5D. Same goes for looking to the past and wondering how things would have been if your past was a bit different. Who hasn’t done these things?!

Projected Identity by Jerry Avalos
Astral projection, a 5D thing

You’re a natural at it. From a metaphysical stand-point, you can say the 5th dimension is commonly where dreams and astral projections occur as well. When dreaming, time is relative to the experience of the dreamer, and outside the perceived duration of the waking world. This is especially applicable to precognitive dreams where a person vividly experiences a potential future before it happens.

art: Welcome Reality by Jerry Avalos
Changing our lives from the 5th dimension

You have the power! So despite what some metaphysical groups and belief systems tend to say, just about every human being contemplates possibilities in the fifth dimension. Epi-genetic research pioneer Dr. Bruce Lipton Phd. has even proved how our thoughts create our body and how it perceives reality. This means without any special attunements, workshops, or being a psychic-ninja, you have the ability to change your life with a thought in the 5th dimension. It also means those attunements, workshops, and other psychic practice are 5D methods of self-discovery. So keep up the good work!

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